Polls - public access


I use the app “Polls”. I would like to give the rights only to individual groups. When I create a public poll, the error message “Forbidden, App is not Enabled” appears. It only works if the app is shared with each user.



This seems to be a general issue with Nextcloud and the limit to groups feature. All apps with a public part behave like that, and it is kind of understandable why they do that.

As a partial work around you can install the order menu app which also allows hiding apps by default for all users.

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I understand, that you limit the acess via the apps page.

If so, this is behavior of the core as Krischan already stated. Unfotunately there seems to be no possibility to limit special rights to groups or users, for i.e limit creating but allow everybody to view pages of the app. Maybe this can be a configurable app feature in the future. But not planned now.

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Thank you for the information

I will test the work arround.

Is there a place where you can make wishes for something like that?

For an enhancement of the app limitations to groups, add this here: https://github.com/nextcloud/server
For polls specific requests create an issue at https://github.com/nextcloud/polls