Polls-App V1.9.4 can't be installed/updated

Can’t update on NC V21.0.2, MariaDB V10.5.10, PHP V8.0.7, Polls-App installed V1.8.3 → failed update to V1.9.4:

Could not extract app polls: Out-of-path file extraction (/tmp/oc_tmp_d20iXr-folder/polls/vendor/bin/commonmark–> …/league/commonmark/bin/commonmark)

Issue already reported by somebody on GitHub: Polls 1.9.4 released · Issue #1695 · nextcloud/polls · GitHub

If you come over this issue: I think, we will got it fixed soon. Nothing is broken on your system. Just try the update again in the next days.

FYI: 1.9.5 is released in the appstore and the issues are fixed. Thanks for your patience!!!


Update successful. Tx. :+1: