Polls App mails backlink with internal IP


regarding NC 19.0.3. with Polls App 1.4.3, behind reverse proxy.

When used to find a meeting date it mails out a backlink that uses the internal ip address as host. Other funktions like sharing a file via e-mail work as expected using the configured name to use for NC behind reverse proxy dealing with ssl and certificates.

Any idea? -ws

I think you’re a little bit behind with your installed version. Please upgrade the app to version 1.5.4 and check if the problem still persists.

Have you set any overwrite parameters in your configuration which still contains an ip address?

Thanks for pointing me to a newer version. I like the comfort to upgrade from within NC. Why is there no newer version available from within NC?

IP-address is found in config.php with trusted_domains and overwrite.cli.url.

I suppose that if overwritehost is specified, this host name should be taken.

  • Afaik, it’s in the responsibility of the app developer to update the app store accordingly.
  • If possible, don’t use ip addresses in your configuration because it could usually break e.g. the certificate verification of a secure server access, instead use the fqdn of your server.
  • You’re most likely right, but I don’t know how the app has been programmed. An open issue ticket still exists, which addresses this issue:

There was a delay in uploading to the app store, but now it is available (but apps.nextcloud.com is down ATM).

Regarding your issue, please visit the linked github issue above. There are some informations about overwrite.cli.url.

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I just installed 1.5.4 und public link and link in e-mail show the correct URL.

Everything is fine now, thanks a lot.

Greetings Wolfgang

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