Polls 1.8 released

Polls 1.8.1 is released.

Please be patient, appstore upload will probaly take some time. For a manual installation download it here: https://github.com/nextcloud/polls/releases/download/1.8.1/polls-1.8.1.zip

See, what’s new:

new Features

  • Date options now have a duration (from/to)
  • Date options can be chosen as whole day (no time)
  • Added markdown support for poll description
  • Poll option to hide booked up options from participants, when option limit is reached
  • The poll owner can now delete all comments
  • Watch for poll changes (realtime changes)

Changes and fixes

  • Subscription to current poll moved to user menu
  • Public users can now change, add and remove their email addresses via user menu
  • For poll owner: Copy participants email addresses has moved to new user menu
  • Wording: use list and table layout instead of desktop and mobile
  • Changed icons for Table and list view
  • Move poll informations to icon bar (info icon)
  • Change registration dialog layout and optimizations on mobiles
  • Fix dark mode issue with confirmed options
  • Fix uniqueContraintsException when shifting dates

great release!

like mentioned in github, for me this app should be official featured / recommended.

the introduced (end) time range feature was highly requested on our instances. no one should need doodle & others anymore.

when do you think the app store release will happen?

I guess the release will be there around the weekend.