Polls 1.0 is released

After one year development Polls 1.0 is out. This version is a huge update, mainly technical, but with a bunch of changes.

The main goal was to manage the migration to vue by preserving existing features.

What’s new

  • complete new UI with polls in the navigation
  • categories in the navigation for sorting all, own, hidden, public and deleted polls
  • edit your poll directly on the vote page via the side bar
  • new sharing system
  • polls can be hidden or public
  • hidden polls are only accessible for invited users or via a public share
  • check, if a user name in a public poll can be used
  • users get a unique link, so editing votes is possible even for external users
  • instant saving of changed poll configurations and votes
  • deleted polls can be restored
  • and a lot of minor improvements

Download the new versoin via the appstore.
Report bugs and feature requests here: https://github.com/nextcloud/polls/issues

Have fun with it and tell us, what you think.


I installed Polls 1.0, yesterday but I have problem sending Links to reach the Poll.

Poll sends a mail automatically to invited person, but a link to the poll is missing in this mail. Instead of this the invited person should login to Nextcloud, which is nonsense because the invited person is no nextcloud user.
The creator of the poll can copy the necessary link on his clipboard and paste it into browser on creators PC but this link is not sent to invited person.

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Is it known and intended, that old links do not work after upgrading to 1.0?
Old link was: https://…de/index.php/apps/polls/poll/4U6xH…
Link after update: https://…de/index.php/apps/polls/s/4U6xH…
Only difference is: the last directory is “s” instead of “poll”

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In addition to link change for old polls, there is no vote option any longer.

I was organizing a general assembly for Sunday, and no nobody can register…

Since the 1.0 update, no survey can be released. "error adding share„

Any ideas?

There is a 1.15rc on GitHub that might be worth trying

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Thank you for the hint of using a RC version, but this version cannot be installed via Appstore. Is there an instruction how to install apps which are published in Github only?

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Yes, we actually didn’t respect old links in this point. It is fixed and will be released with polls 1.1.

/poll/ will be rewritten to /s/

Installing a pre release is possible via replacing the old polls version against the new one (filesystem on the server. But I hope, we get an appstore release shortly.

Sorry for inconvenience. We had some unexpected trouble on some systems. Some systems had this error, some (including my) hadn’t.

Errors are fixed on 1.1.6 -> https://github.com/nextcloud/polls/releases

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@dartcafe, I saw that I can update now to poll 1.1.6. At the moment I have a poll running until Friday, so I wait with updating until poll is finished. Thank’s a lot!

@dartcafe My problem is solved with polls 1.1.6! Thank you!

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My problem is also solved with polls 1.1.6! Thanks a lot!


Great. Thanks for reporting.

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