Polls 1.0 Beta 2 is out

We are proud to present the beta version of the upcomming polls 1.0.
What changed?

  • Instant saving of changes
  • Instant saving of votes
  • Share poll with users, groups and contacts or create public links
  • Navigate through polls with the Navigation bar
  • Change the poll setting and add options directly via the side bar
  • public polls will generate a unique link for each external participant for editing
  • check allowed user names for externel users in public polls
  • polls are public to all site users or participation is only accessible via invitation (public or internal)

And much much more…

Polls has been nearly completely rewritten with a sepated front- and backend. The frontend is now 100% Javascript (Vue) with a dedicated interface to the PHP backend.

Please hep testing. See polls repository for downloading Polls 1.0 beta: https://github.com/nextcloud/polls/releases


Sounds great!
Does the poll description handle line breaks now?

Not in this beta. Maybe in the release.

Good news: line breaks will be preserved and rendered through css tags. See beta2, comming shortly.


beta 2 is published.