Poll app - automatically added in Calender - Termin automatisch im Kalender?

Is it possible that the appointments that users click yes/participate in the survey are automatically added to their NC calendar?

Ist es möglich, dass die Termine, die Benutzer der Umfrage mit Ja/teilnehmen, klicken, automatisch in deren NC Kalender eingetragen werden?

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Based on the information in the app repository a simply mechanism has been implemented to manually add an events to a calendar. A description of the feature can be found in the related pull request.

Additional feature requests exist to enhance the calendar handling/integration.


hey … if you wanna have this thread go back into international section of the forum please feel free to edit it’s title likewise…

and it would be nice if you could post the english part first, followed by the 2nd (german) one.

thanks for your understanding

successfully done. THANKS for that… :heart_eyes_cat:

This is still on the to do list. A simple integration is made in a separate pull request as j-ed mentions. Still waiting for an API from the calendar/DAV app to realise this in the backend.

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any news on this?

You will find all app changes listed in the change log file:

I Can’t find the word “calendar” in your linked log - that means “no news on this”? If so, why didn’t you write “no”? If no: Where can I read it or how does it work in the poll app?

I guess, it was a hint that the information about new features (including calendar integration) will be announced in the changelog.

The current status can be watched here: Calendar integration · GitHub