Pointing Nextcloud to all my photos

Nextcloud version Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.4)
Operating system and version: Unraid 6.11.6 docker container

Sorry if I don’t have all the required info, I’m new to NextCloud and running it in an Unraid docker container, with no reverse proxy (yet). Hoping to get that working sometime, but could not get it working the first time I tried.

Anyway my question is about the Memories app. I set up NextCloud specifically just so that my daughter could use it to sync the Photos from her iPhone onto our Unraid server so they were backed up and would not take up space on her phone.

So when I set it up, I created a separate share in unraid for where the nextcloud photos would be stored. But over in a completely separate unraid share we have a very large collection of family photos, that I would like to use memories to navigate and view.

So my question is, can I use my current NextCloud installation and somehow “point” it to the share where our family photos are at? Or do I need to add a new path for it? Or reconfigure nextcloud to point there somehow?

thanks, again, sorry for what is probably very noob questions with not enough detail. Please let me know what other info I can give you to help.