Point Data Dir to folder with existing files?

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Nextcloud version: 26.0.2
Operating system and version: Linux 6.1.34-Unraid
Apache or nginx version: NPM 2.10.3
PHP version: 8.1.20

The issue you are facing:
I have clean AIO install. I’ve changed Data Dir as an env variable in docker compose file from the very beginning - prior to the first NC run. As well as doing chown and chmod . My Data Dir had already files there, so I hoped that NC will display them on the home screen. However, after launching NC - I couldn’t see any files in Data Dir…
I was trying to debug for a long time - but everything seems correct and according to the official instructions. I tried to upload a new file into NC web interface - and it appeared in my targeted folder. So that the folder contains all old files + a newly uploaded one. While NC web interface shows only the latter.
Since new file appeared in the correct folder, I understand that mapping is correct and working. From the terminal I can see that the new file has exactly the same owner and ownership rights as other previously existing files, so those are not different anyhow.
Thus my question - is Nextcloud only able to see new files and can’t see old existing files (prior to it’s installation) in the given folder?

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Configure AIO docker-compose to use specific Data Dir with existing files
  2. Run NC
  3. No files are visible in NC WebUI