Plz support Nachoparker, plz send him whatever SBC he needs. :)

@Nachoparker is sort of like the magical goose who lays the golden eggs of pre-installed Nextcloud ARM images (for burning in Etcher) for several SBCs. That makes him The Man, in my books, and I’d love for his efforts to earn him increased support.

Considering that magical geese that lay golden eggs are highly valuable and rare, please consider facilitating his praiseworthy efforts in a most expedient and congenial fashion by PM’ing him, and asking what board he’d like mailed Express to the address of his choosing, for some particular sum money (that you’d like to contribute towards the Nextcloud effort, as a way of giving back).

If Redhat can sell for 34B$, then surely a few million are laying around, forgotten behind the couch somewhere to help Nachoparker.

Thank you for listening to my rant. :smiley:

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The sources of NextcloudPi are still open? So you could adapt it to a system of your preference yourself or find yourself somebody else who does it for you (for some amount of money or for free).

The community members work for free, so it’s not like you are asking for support of a product that you paid for. Perhaps it is more accepted when paid services are presented more openly like for the VM images where a basic image without support is free.

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I’ve used Debian (or rather Debian derivatives) on 3 different ARM boards from 3 different vendors, and Linux on ARM is nowhere as mature as it is on AMD64. There are always several totally random and unintuitive bugs that want to jump in the way.

I think there is a certain breed of hardcore Linux geek who dares to venture into the untamed wilderness of ARM SBC development. You need to be willing to strap on your armor and shield, sharpen up your sword, and get ready to slay some dragons. @nachoparker is one of those rare geeks. That’s why I think he deserves a special “leg up”, as ARM can be so tricky and nasty to develop for, in comparison to AMD64 (which is sort of like a highly developed, efficient Metropolis, like, say, Singapore, in comparison).

If you don’t believe me, please go lurk around the Armbian forum, and look at the wild and crazy problems they have to solve to tame all those wildly diverse ARM boards. The video at the bottom of this page is also highly edifying on this topic.

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