Plz help, can't mount on TrueNas Core

basically i have 2 datasets… both of which the users are ruzifan (1000) and group Media (1000)

I was using nexcloud on 11.2 and i decided to upgrade nextcloud to 12.0 and bam it broke. Kept getting errors, and searched all over but couldn’t fix it. Porbably a php mysql issue.

So i decided to just delete nextcloud and reinstall it. So i did and it worked fine and the nextcloud page loaded.
I went to add the mount, and for the life of me it won’t work. I think nextcloud runs under user www and group www.

however, when i go to nextcloud jail and type “id” it shows UID(0) root/GID(0) wheel.
i made sure user root is part of group “Media” since media is the group that owns the dataset.

I just can’t access the file via external storage. I keep getting ! mark. when i go to the dataset and edit permission via ACL and add “www” group, i get a CHECK mark but i can’t see any of the files inside the mount, i can’t save anything either.

i know it’s a permission issue, please help.
I want to know how can i change the jail user name to “nsarai” since it’s the owner of the dataset

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