Please share the steps on how to use android library for android app development

Hello everyone. I’m new in this group forum also a newbie in android app. I’m not so good reading in English therefore it will takes a few times to understand the manual. I’m developing nextcloud android app named MobiCS that can share files with other group communities, also can delete, rename, download and upload files. I think I’m integrating the android-library in a wrong way or missed something because nothing happens ( All the public classes and methods of the library not found in my MobiCS project). I followed the in github/nextcloud and already adding the maven { url ‘’ }and also add an implementation ‘com.github.nextcloud:android-library:-SNAPSHOT’ in module:app and project:app. Can someone tell me step by step in an understandable way on how to use android library for my mobile app project therefore I can trace where step that I missed?