Please readd old synch log to desktop client

I updated recently to 2.5.0 and noticed that my beloved synchronization log view has gone, now I have a pretty useless ‘activity’ tab which shows all my ignored files, which leads me to having to scroll down a lot. There are no more accurate timestamps and the order of the synchronization seems to be random.

Seems to be another case of removing the most important/useful feature because of some “ui cleanups” :frowning:

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Did you check the --logwindow option? Run the client on the command line.

Thank you for your reply, but I was talking about the window in the attached screenshot, the log window seems to show a lot of other information about the synchronization.

I’m also missing the “sync protocol” and “not synced” tabs. is there any option to reenable them?

I’m afraid there is no flag to enable the old behavior.

Same problem here. After update to 2.6.4 missing sync protocol. Will this feature come back?

I guess it’s not coming back, I think it was “optimized away” by the now popular “UI improvements”… :slightly_frowning_face: