Please optimize Android app

Am I the only one with this issue?

The Android app is slow as hell / unresponsive (right now my screen is black and I cannot do anything… I had to kill the app) when I am browsing folders to upload images because I reckon the app tries to open every single image and generate a small preview on the fly.

This is highly not optimized. Please consider lazy loading (i.e. only generate the preview when the image is about to appear above the fold)

In its current state, the Android app is simply not usable.

Also, please consider using a cache for thumbnails so that the app does not generate the preview 100 times if we browse 100 times the same folder, and to (immensely) speed up consequent browsings (maybe clear the cache upon app closing or something, so that it does not stack up indefinitely).

Thank you kindly,

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This most likely is a site effect of missing previews on your server. Make sure that you generate valid preview image in advance to prevent this effect. As usual you find further information in the Nextcloud documentation.

Thank you for this reply @j-ed

That being said, it shouldn’t prevent the Android app to be smart about the loading of folders with hundreds of pictures in it, especially if the previews have not yet been generated or synced.

From the docs:

Please notice that the Nextcloud preview system comes already with sensible defaults,
and therefore it is usually unnecessary to adjust those configuration values.

However, I don’t know if the thumbnails are actually generated. But as I said above, it shouldn’t prevent the Android app from being smart about such risky operations, IMHO.

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