Please help with upgrading snap installed NC v17.0.3 to v18

Hi there,

I recently installed NC with snap install on Ubuntu.

sudo snap install nextcloud installed version 17, but I see there is v18 now.

Is it possible to upgrade my snap installation to version 18?

I have followed this guide to upgrade:

Running sudo snap refresh nextcloud gives me:

snap "nextcloud" has no updates available

Also, the Admin > Overview page shows no signs of an update available.

Any tips? Thanks, Danny.


I would also really like to know how and if that is possible… Did you find a solution thus far?

this might be what u are looking for
or this sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=latest/stable you can see a list of channels by writing snap info nextcloud

Switching from 17 to 18 breaks my nextcloud instance.

sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=18/stable works, but the website is not accessible. it results into blank page

Anybody know how to fix this?

revert nextcloud version now, but i would like to upgrade.