Please help me to prevent a storage problem before it become a crisis

Nextcloud 20.0.5
PHP 7.3.26-1

I am seeing similar posts but I have been unable to resolve this. It happened one time a couple years ago and I pretty much had to recreate a completely new Nextcloud VM and restore data, databases, etc.

I am the admin of this machine and have an unlimited storage quota. I am using about 2.9 GB of storage on a VM with 50 GB of capacity. I am getting warnings that I am using 97% of 2.9 GB. Well of course I am. But I’m afraid at some point very soon, Nextcloud will tell me I am using 100% of 2.9 GB and then I will be prevented from doing anything to fix it. I am getting a pop-up warning at the top right at my avatar, and the bottom left on the Files home screen shows my storage bar completely full saying 2.9 GB of 2.9 GB used. I have tried changing my quota to 10 GB but that hasn’t made a difference. I don’t know why Nextcloud won’t recognize either my unlimited quota or even my 10 GB quota.

Can someone please help me fix this before my Nextcloud instance freezes and prevents me from doing anything? Thanks

*Update - Actually now the storage bar at the bottom left is telling me I am using 28.7% of 10 GB so I’m feeling a little better. But when I have my storage quota set at unlimited I still get these warnings.

**No, back to the same behavior. Help, please!

***Another update. My data is stored in /var/nc_data. Inside /var I also had nc_data.bak and nc_data.original. I deleted these old folders and my storage issue seems to be resolved, though I don’t understand why since these folders aren’t actually in use. But in any case, that cured my immediate problem.

****I am unable to mark as Solved, if someone is able please.