Please help me fix my webdav, or upgrade

My calendars suddenly stopped working, both iOS and macos. Additionally, when accessing to my NextCloud instance online, the calendars are no longer accessible either. I didn’t get to back it up, and I urgently need access to my calendar.

I went to the settings, and it complains that I don’t have proper settings:

“Your web server is not yet correctly configured for file synchronisation because the WebDAV interface does not seem to be working.” (original text in French, automated translation)

I have no indication of what a correct setup is.

I currently use v16.0.3. I tried updating/upgrading, I get an error that there are unexpected files:


Ok, so huh, just ignore them?

I am worried about going further, because last time I tried the update, it completely bricked my site. This is my last attempt at updating this software, otherwise I am dropping it.

Any simple suggestion on how to address this?

Warning: I have very little understand when it comes to servers and non-GUI things, so please do not take anything for granted or omit any explanation when you reply :pray:

So I deleted those files, managed to upgrade all the way to v20, and calendars still did not work. Somehow had to get DreamHost support to help me set up some additional webdav config.

I will share this link, if any other poor soul ever faces this issue: WebDAV overview – DreamHost Knowledge Base

I will be switching to a paid service who will manage this for me in the future, so that I don’t have to waste a full day of work fixing this, which cost me more in the end than the cost of a paid service for a year.

Thanks a lot for the hard work NextCloud (no irony, seriously, I respect the work done), but this product is not meant for me, too much knowledge of setups and servers required.