Please help, Computers and drywall are expensive to repair

I accidentally installed nextcloud 9, I tried forever to upgrade with the new version but it fails. I have completely wiped the www and dropped the tables. I would love to just wipe the VPS and start fresh with a new OS but (Have a free backlink guys) seems to be incompetent so I feel like I might get support here faster. I can’t use any of the OCC commands due to a symphony error, I can’t reinstall it because I get an apache error 500 when I go through the initial install. (I forget the exact error but all googling led to was a Nextcloud 9 problem about Nextcloud still thinking theres a previous version, WHERE is that setting stored?)

Every time, remove nextcloud/db, configure, launch browser to make admin/connect db, submit, error 500, refresh, get the config page again, put in info, submit, “Failed to enable app federation Please ask for help via one of our”, then that every time until I reinstall and the process repeats. Theres has to be some config somewhere thats messing this up.

I’m about to put my computer through a wall this is so frustrating. Screw NFPhosting for being completely non-responsive and their software being crap.

Edit: I will mention that I have a completely working and customized install of nextcloud working on a home box.