Please add some header links for the time being

Good morning,

I’d deem it useful to have a few NC related links in the header bar (aka I really miss these ;-p ) For the time being, I think it is safe to assume, that folks visiting these forums are what they call “early adopters” and at the same time not afraid to step forward when it comes to dev-related assistance.

Accordingly I’d like you to consider to throw in links to (all or either):

  • NC main site (ofc)
  • NC Github repository
  • NC transiflex folders
  • Owncloud’s Github

At least for me, that would make life somewhat easier as these are the sites I (almost exclusivly) leave the forum pages for.

Prior to posting I made sure, that adding links at the top of discourse is possible and found some link nicely explaining how to do it. please see: for details.

Of course, once this has picked up and more regular “end-user-only” visitors gather at the forums you might want / need to remove (some of) the links again, if you feel, linking to Github might drive them away again. This is ok as well of course.

Still, thanks for considering :smiley: