Placing off signature

With the adding off a signature on replies or forwarding nextcloud places the signature at the lowest bottom off the reply mail.
So underneath the email you are replying to and not underneath your cursor at the top were you are going to write, that would be the place were you would want your signature right, just underneath your freshly typed text.
Am I missing something in settings to control this or can this get added please?
Many thanks, Tijmen

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There is no setting. Mind opening a feature request?

I absolutely second that. I’d say that almost no one uses that position for signatures. Its pretty akward. If you don’t want to appear as rude, you have to manually add your farewell stuff. It would be much simpler and almost as helpful if you would just change the position to right after what you have written.
Is there a feature request already? If not: where can I do so?
Thank you!

Nope, I think that was never created.

You can do so at

Thank you! Done!

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