Pinning a "how to ask efficiently" in the collabora support area


as you know that collabora is a bit unstable and surprises with sudden behaviour changes (as f.e. again in the latest image),
it would be helpful telling in advance, what the people should post if they get issues with their setups.

Such things, “my instance displayed the error x” and thats it, is not helping anyone. That just makes people angry.

what people should post:
error message
does https://collabora-domain/hosting/discovery show an xml File
docker ps
docker logs <PID>
result of docker info
anonymized docker start command
the anonymized content of their collabora-webinstance (f.e. /etc/apache/sites-enabled/collabora.domain.tld.conf)
which SSL-Certs are being used (self signed or from a recognized authority)
result of "uname -a"
the date of the download of the collabora-image
If it already worked or not and if possible with which image-date.

What do you think about that? Is there anything missing?