Pictures not showing from external HDD

Hello all,

i have a question that i hope that you can guide me on how to solve it.

I just deployed the server at home and everything is going well.

i have the users data mounted on an external HDD.

what i did is put the server into maintenance mode, unmounted the HDD, plugged into a different computer and copied 50 gbs worth of pictures.

they were copied successfully on the other computer to the user’s folder, but after plugging the HDD back into the server, the pictures are not showing on the interface, even though they are there.

can you point me on what im missing to have them being shown for the user?

im using Nextcloud 11.0.2

thanks in advance!

i just fixed it after scanning the file system using the command sudo -u www-data php console.php files:scan --all

After doing this all the files were shown… :slight_smile:

thanks for the time in reading this… :slight_smile: