Picture/ Video upload filename iOS nextcloud client vs. owncloud client

I’ve migrated from owncloud to nextcloud. Also consider to switch the respective clients on PC/ mobile.

I experience a different naming at upload on the both iOS client for owncloud vs. nextcloud.

Example uploading the same file:
nextcloud client:
2017-07-06 06-40-56 1623.jpg

owncloud client:

Actually I like the owncloud naming and use the format for some other processing and would like to keep it. So still using the owncloud app with nextcloud.

Any chance to adjust the naming accordingly for the nextcloud app? I found rename capabilities but no real documentation on it and it looks quite static e.g. if its a Video it would not use Video rather then Photo in the name.

Any hints welcome. Thx

in the current iOS nextcloud client (v2.17.3) there is no option to change the naming schema for uploaded files.
I don’t have any experience with the renaming function. Sry


For me this sounds like a feature request.
Would you file an issue at GitHub please.

Adding the word Photo or Video to the filename is not necessary. Filename extension says it all IMHO.


Great, raised https://github.com/nextcloud/ios/issues/297 for this. thx

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