PicoCMS Private websites, initial requested URL / redirect

Hi all,

I just updated to pico 1.0.6 on nextcloud 18.0.4 and created a private website for a certain group of nextcloud users to access, that is reachable at https://nextcloud_instante/sites/private_website.

That group of users doesn’t have permissions to write, only to read in order to view private information to that group only, on picoCMS website.

When a user from that group (before authentication) requests the private_website’s URL get’s a 403 defined webpage because he is not authenticated. He is then redirected to the main nextcloud to start authentication, although after authentication the user goes to the file manager (/apps/files) and not to the initial requested URL (/sites/private_site).

Tryed AppOrder but as I have several groups on the nextcloud and AppOrder doesn’t work with different apps orders per group.

So how can you redirect the user to the pico private website’s requested url after authentication on nextcloud in order to that user doesn’t access the file manager and go strait to the private website ?

I don’t know if you have this issue, but I belive that with several groups of users using a file share and other type of user groups on the same nextcloud instance with picoCMS this is an issue.

Do you know a workaround for this ?

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This is currently not possible, but already on the roadmap for Pico CMS for Nextcloud v1.1.

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Thanks PhrozenByte, Just saved that, didn’t realized the v1.1 was for picoCMS, of course,
sorry for asking again, you have already mention this in other post.
Keep up the good work
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looking forward to v1.1 :slight_smile:

Hi PhrozenByte, is it somehow predictable that this is commited in the near future ?
Thanks for your support !
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