PicoCMS on encrypted NextCloud

I installed nextcloud on a webhoster and enabled encryption via the default-encrytion(?) plugin. Than I wanted to try out PicoCMS. But I always got the message, that the folder is on a non-local drive. I read that is has to do, with my encryption. (Pico CMS not working with NC on UCS)

Therefore I added the external storage application and wanted to add, a local non encrypted drive. But I am unable to do so.

When I use ‘web’ for example user folder name and configuration, with local unencrypted and change to the data view, I get the warning: error while mounting. “got empty reply from server”.

The actual warnings text might be different, because I am translation the warnings on-the-fly.

How can I create I website, on an encrypted nextcloud installation?

Nextcloud version :
PHP version : 7.4
DataBase: MySQL