Pico CMS not working in iframe after nextcloud update

Hi everyone,

i have updated my testsystem to yesterday and now i can`t load Pico CMS sites in iframes anymore.
I´m running nextcloud through the plesk extension on ubuntu 18.04.5.

I integrated some usergroup-specific content through the Pico CMS and External sites. External sites links were set to show only for the specific groups and linked to a Pico CMS site, which was restricted with the “access: group” in the YAML header.
This worked fine with but after updating to i can`t load the Pico CMS sites within the nextcloud iframe anymore.
I get an error message about the server refusing the connection.
I can still load any other HTML or PHP file from my server in the iframe. Also, the Pico CMS pages work fine outside of the nextcloud iframe.
I have tested it on different devices and a new install of nextcloud, but its always the same issue.

Is there a setting for Pico CMS to allow iframe embedding? Or is this a problem with my server configuration?

This is a known issue, see https://github.com/nextcloud/cms_pico/issues/155. Already fixed in dev, what should be released soon. You can manually apply the fix mentioned there in the meantime.

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oh great, thanks alot :+1: :grin: