Pi 4 with 4 GB only 500MB used in Nextcloud Stats

How can i set to use more RAM? The Screenshot is while Uploading many Photos.

Same here, using the NextCloudPi-Image :frowning:

I’ve set the memory limit to 3G using nc-limits, but it won’t take more RAM. Instead, it was filling up the SWAP-file to 100% until i disabled swapping completely.

NextCloudPi version v1.16.1
NextCloudPi image NextCloudPi_07-21-19

No one any idea?

Same for me, I think it’s because of the theMEMORYLIMIT (default=768M). And changing that values into the parameters don’t seem to apply it.

Same here with “NextCloudPi_07-21-19” image

Maybe some developer can comment on this.

NextCloudPi version v1.16.6
NextCloudPi image NextCloudPi_07-21-19

I have the same issue. While the files app is really snappy the system becomes unresponsive when I use my RASPI4 (4GB) to share my screen … and even then the RAM usage is below 600MB.
I have tried to set the RAM usage to 4GB through NCP-config => system becomes unavailable. Then I have set it to 3GB => still only 5XX MB of RAM are being used. I am running NCPv1.16.6 as well.

AFAIK, uploading photos or sharing the screen (talk?) isn’t really RAM heavy, but rather disk I/O and CPU/GPU (for compressing video stream).

I noticed the same behaviour uploading a couple of GBs of MP3s…I don’t know if that’s supposed to be RAM heavy - but if there ain’t something wrong with the configuration, why was my RPi4 filling up the swap file to 100% with 3GB of RAM still free?

The app uses the information in /proc/meminfo, the values for MemAvailable and MemTotal?

In case the values are correct, there must be an error in the app (https://github.com/nextcloud/serverinfo/blob/master/lib/SystemStatistics.php), if the values in the file are wrong, you have to search on the system side.


Still max. usage of 500mb RAM. How can I use the system as a test to a high degree to see that really no more memory is consumed?

Normally, the /proc/meminfo should give the right values. I’d check manually (via terminal) if the values are correct and perhaps try other methods if they give the same result. Just to avoid that there is a problem on the Nextcloud app. There are also programs that let you use a certain amount of RAM, that way you could check if you can increase the RAM usage.