Pi 4 external HDD working on 2.0 port but not on 3.0


I just did a freh install (NextCloudPi image NextCloudPi_11-27-20) on a new Raspberry Pi 4.
I connected an external HDD to the 3.0 port and it failed to show up when requested ‘sudo fdisk -l’.
But when I connect it to the 2.0 port, then it shows up.
Did anyone experience the same thing?
Any tips on how to make it work on 3.0 port?

Oh, again, not_nc_related
I thought it may had something to do with nc_automount
but I guess going through fdisck makes it not NC related.
Sorry about this again

you don’t need nc-automount. just mount it via fstab and see what’s gonna happen.
in general there shouldn’t be any problem for ncp - from what i understand - to automount a hdd through which port ever.

Check this post for the fix. It has to do with misbehaving UAS devices.

The most common symptoms of a misbehaving UAS device are

  • Extremely slow performance - in the kilobytes per second range
  • Frequent disconnects-reconnects of the device with the desktop repeatedly displaying the “removable medium inserted” dialogue box
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You my friend, are my hero! :kissing_heart:

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