PHP8 support soon? (Update: PHP8.0 supported already, I'm an idiot)

Since PHP8 is recommended for 23, will Twofactor-TOTP support it in the near future?

Hi @Kraligor

Both Netxloud and the TOTP app work fine with PHP 8.0. PHP 8.1 however, is not yet supported, but will most likely be with v24…

Hopefully. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will be shipped with PHP 8.1. :wink:
Ubuntu – Details of package php in jammy

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it’s not recommended. 7.4 is recommended. Though it works with 8.0. just to be precise :wink:

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Yes otherwise there will be even more posts here from people having issues after the upgrade. than there will be anyway :wink: But normally the update to a new Ubuntu LTS version is offered only after the first point release. Before that you have to force the update with do-release-upgrade -d, but of course that won’t stop everyone from upgrading on day one. :wink:

Yes. But on new install between release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and the first point release the most admins install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and not the old Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

True. Didn’t think about that.

Hey thanks so much for the answers! :slight_smile:

It was a bit late last night, so my brain was at 50% or so…

I’m running Arch which ships PHP8.1 (I guess the Nextcloud in the repo is modified so it works with 8.1). The info.xml of twofactor_totp says indeed <php min-version="7.3" max-version="8.0" />, so that explains why I’m having issues installing it. I guess I was just confused because in the Nextcloud Appstore it says PHP with a version lower than 8.0 is required.

So I’ll just wait for V24 to drop and twofactor_totp to support PHP8.1.

I don’t want to nitpick (especially since I’ve been wrong about the app not supporting PHP8 :wink:), buuut… the documentation for V23 explicitly says PHP Runtime 8.0 (recommended).

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you are right and it’s good that you have been nitpicking, apparently. I looked at exactly that page some time ago and was sure that there was a recommendation for php 7.4 … well done! Thanks for this information

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