PHP7.2 problem using nginx on CentOS7

Hello there,

I am currently facing the Problem, that my .php Files get downloaded, rather then executed.

As said above I am currently using a CentOS 7 Server with nginx.
I have subdirectories for my vhosts (var/www/vhosts/nexctloud)

I am using the official nginx config for subdirectories found here:

I didn’t touch it other than changing the hostname to to domain I want and changing to paths to my nextcloud installation.

The upstream php-handler is set to which is also set in my php-fpm/www.conf (although I would prefer using the unix socket, but I didn’t find out how it is named for php7.2)

All services are up and running, and after countless hours of following online tutorials and trying out dozens of different setups I still got nothing that works for me.

I’m pretty new to linux server administration though, and I know practically nothing of php. So maybe the solution is pretty simple I don’t know.

Maybe you guys can help me out here?