Php occ files_external:notify / SMB Storage notification for changes


I am using nextcloud 18.0.3 with Ubuntu Focal Fossa and external SMB Storage on a Windows 2012 Server. That works fine except the client get no info from the SMB Storage that there are any changes.

For this i heard the command php occ files_external:notify can help. So i have to always start the command by starting the machine? Is this service now always running when i start in once?

Whats the best way to handle the problem with notification for changes on a SMB Storage?

I also read that a solution can be to run a cronjob occ files:scan, but this is not possible for me because it takes to long cause of the amount of files…


Thank you for your help!

The command php occ files_external:notify is working fine. The nc is now knowing the changes on the smb. But only when the command is running.

How does it work to make it permanently?

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