PHP log error #22

I have been running Nextcloud now for 6 months and everything has been smooth but this error keeps reoccurring in the log and i am wondering what the steps would be to determine the root cause and fix it.

Undefined index: loginForm at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/ojsxc/settings/personal.php#22

When we use $ _POST or $ _GET, php can sometimes show the error Undefined index. It is usual avoided by using the isset() function. This could be done like so:

if (isset($_POST['value']))
// Do this if $_POST['value'] exists

Its a minor error, so you NC should still be working. But are you sure you are running the latest version?

This has been already fixed in and will be shipped with the next release.

i am currently on 13.0.1 is it going to be a release after that one?

It’s a fix in the JSXC app, so this is independent from Nextcloud.