Php.ini is a folder

I have a small problem with my Docker instance running on docker.
I want to modify my PHP.INI when I access it via the server I realize that this file is actually a folder. how to make it become a file?

Here is the volume configuration :

Why would you mount this as a volume in docker?

You can enter the container directly with

Docker exec -it nextcloud /bin/bash

So when I rebuild the container I don’t lose the contents.
And how can I fix the fact that the file is actually a folder on the server?

Do you have an idea ?

I do not. Not trying to dissuade your vision, but I have no understanding of why php would be treated as a volume. I don’t have anything more to offer in this; my recommendation is to consult Docker documentation to get a better idea of how to implement this. :person_shrugging:


Nextcloud data is stored already as a volume. That is where all of your user data is stored, and exact location on the bare metal file system depends on your specific docker run command or docker-compose file used.

-v /actual/location/on/disk/ncdata:/var/www/docker/madeup/location/ncdata

In volume I have my configuration folder, and my configuration folder.
I will wait for the next update to see if everything goes well :slight_smile:

During an update the rest of the content will be overwritten.