Php Imagick not running in nextcloud snap

I got nextcloud 15 snap running on ubuntu 18.04.
I am really impressed about it. It works like a charm. Even on an old 32bit Dell D620 that that I had collecting dust.

Finishing the setup I found the message that PHP module Imagick was not installed.

The ‘resolution’ I read was installing php-Imagick. So I did, but the message is still there.

Can anyone point me in the direction to activate and use this module.

Thanks in advance.

You may also need to install:


or the version available in your distro

Thanks Oliver for your answer

I tried to install but : libmagickcore-6.q16-3-extra is already the newest version (8:

Still Imagick is mentiond on the admin overview page

Any other suggestions here??
Thanks in advance

Have you seen this comment from the snap maintainer? He explains here why imagick is missing in the snap package and what the actual disadvantages are:

Appears itseems to need PHP 7.3
Ubuntu 18.04 does not update above php 7.2.15 yet

Hoe to install php 7.3 on ubuntu??

Again Thanks in advance

Sorry, I wasn’t clear: you can’t change the php configuration with nextcloud-snap. It is all bundled within the snap package. Installing any other php-packages will not help, because nextcloud-snap only uses the ones bundled within nextcloud-snap itself.

Hmmm not really a solution. But still a final answer
Guess I’ll be waiting for a PHP update in the snap

Thanks Bernie_O