PHP-FPM 7.3 is it safe to use it after


I have Nextcloud 16.0.4 running on Mint 19.2.
SSL generated by let’sencrypt and Cerbot.

I often read PHP-FPM would make server faster.
Is it safe to activate PHP-FPM 7.3 after installed Nextcloud or could it brake Apache setup?

Usually you will activate it when you try to enable HTTP2.0 that makes server offering you information faster, but causes higher CPU load. Please read more about how to enable HTTP2.0 with Apache2.

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I run all my nextcloud instances via fpm (http2 enabled too). No issues. However, I set up dedicated users for all instances, like www-nextcloud. So only apache runs als www-data. The directories are owned by www-nextcloud:www-nextcloud, the www-data group is in the www-nextcloud group,
in the fpm configuration I have

user = www-nextcloud
group = www-nextcloud
listen.owner = www-data = www-data

That works fine, and I hope is reasonable safe.

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Thank you for the feedback I will look for activate it, it’s new to me I hope it not too dificult^^

I mostly followed this guide:
and added the dedicated users as described above.

Thank you I will look for it.

Alight I finally activated PHP-FPM
but i think i failed about to activated HTTP2

If I open PHP info and and I check the PHP Variables
I can read:

Does that mean I failed the setup of HTTP2?

Looks like. There are some traps. Look at this guide:

Worked for me.

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Alright I will look for it now thank you,

I have one more question, I have nextcloud App android and IOS and it is nice for auto upload and do back up of the devices.

However the mobil apps is slow and poor in features, Then when I open folders with many picture I can see some picture will never load, and i can see there is no activities on my server.

However if I open “Nextcloud” in Firefox I can enjoy all nextcloud features and it way much faster than the dedicated app and it is the same for “TALK”

Then now I use the app only for auto backup, did you encounter the same thing?

I think you are not the first one who ask such kind of questions :slight_smile: Slow browsing photos with android app

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Well seems this problem will be a bit longer to solves, Maybe we will see soon a huge improvement in Nextcloud App since French Germany and swedish governement decided to stop US services and go on Nextcloud…

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You might ask this question in the forum as separate item. I have no idea.