PHP Errors lib/base and lib/private

Hi guys,

I just setup NC12 for the first time and I am getting some errors I can’t figure out.
These are two examples. Always the same two errors and I also can’t upload files larger that maybe 500 MB even though my max file size and memory sizes are set higher.

Running PHP 7 on Apache

Error PHP Undefined index: SCRIPT_FILENAME at /home/XXX/lib/base.php#141 2017-08-04T10:30:02+0200
Error PHP Undefined index: SCRIPT_NAME at /XXX/lib/private/AppFramework/Http/Request.php#719

Any ideas?

Did you set the environment variables in your apache-config?


thanks for the response. I modified some values in the php.ini options… Running on a shared environment (cPanel) and switched from 5.6 to 7.0, added apcu and opcache before activating it.
Not super deep in these things so please excuse the knowledge barrier :wink:

What would I need to be looking at exactly ?