PhP 8 Support in Nextcloud 21

I have updated to NC21.01 since yesterday. Everything is running normally so far. Currently the server at the hoster is still running on PhP version: 7.3.16.

Is it a good idea to update from PhP version: 7.3.16 to the current version Php 8. It should bring a little more performance. Or is the changeover fraught with risks such as data loss or similar?



At least you should upgrade to PHP7.4. PHP8 is still not mentioned in the official documentation:

Edit: In fact I just upgraded my 21.0.1 test instance to PHP8.0, and all runs smoothly. YMMV

Edit2: in the meantime PHP8.0 is supported and recommended. Note this does not apply to PHP8.1.

Many thanks for your advice

Hm… You could also stick to php 7.3 and wait a bit until php 8.0 support is a bit more stable and then upgrade to php 8.0 directly.


PHP 8 is now recommended, see

I am using latest version of nextcloud,, and I get this message:

This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 8.0.
You are currently running 8.1.2.

So be wary with Debian, since it uses php8.1.