Php 7.3 on synology - nc says its on php 5.6

Hello everyone,

some time ago I went up to php 7.3 on my Synology.

To be precise:
php 7.3.7
Apache 2.4

Nextcloud is working so far, I am not facing a complete faulty installation or so.

I started to work on the “big int” error, tried to put nc into maintenance mode with
“sudo -u http php occ maintenance:mode --on” (while http is the web user on synology)

This gave me the message:
“You are currently running 5.6.11. Please update your PHP version.”

But nextcloud gives me:

On host side (Synology) its clear, that Apache 2.4 and php 7.3 are in use:

What did I miss / do wrong when I updated to php 7.3?
and of course
how can this behaviour be corrected?

Tahnk you and Best Regards

You always have to differentiate between the PHP web component, which you’ve configured to use PHP 7.3, and the PHP cli component, which still seems to be PHP 5.6.11 by default on your NAS.

Here you will find further information about how to handle a different php cli version: