PHP 7.1 not compatible; Running 7.4.30

Hello - Let me start with this: yes, I’ve read the forums, and no, I can’t seem to find a solution to my problem; if you have one, please share it - I’m at witt’s end!

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS bionic Server
Installation: latest-9.tar.bz2
PHP: 7.3, 7.4 and 8.0 (Currently on 7.4)

I’ve navigated to my SERVER/nextcloud, and get:
This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with PHP 7.1. You are currently running 7.4.30.

status.php: {"installed":false,"maintenance":false,"version":"","versionstring":"9.0.58","edition":""}

From what I can tell, Nextcloud should be fine to run - since I’m running a supported version… but this is all I see. What am I doing wrong? I thought I had it installed - am I missing something? At the end of my rope here; hopefully I’ve provided enough info.

Where did you get that from? Version 9.0.58 was the initial Nextcloud release from 2016! As far as I know, the current PHP version at that time was still 5.6 or at most 7.0. Please download the latest release of Nextcloud and reinstall.

@bcarraway @bb77

No wonder. The new homepage Install - Nextcloud is really no longer usable.
So you first have to see the section “Download Server” at the bottom and then choose “Community projects” to find the download there. As a beginner, I would probably look there last. Why not at first position. Or am i so old that all beginners today only use container and enterprise versions? And “one click signups” has nothing to do with having your own server.

Here the links:
all releases: Index of /server/releases
(latest it not really nice but i think it is normal for programs)
really latest:
[ ] 2022-07-18 11:35 144M

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I used wget to download the, I guess I’m old too then… :wink:

…but yes you’re right about the new website, finding something specific is not necessarily easier than it was on the old one. :wink:

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