Photosync doesn't work

I am using IOS Nextcloud and like to sync all my photos to my server.

Serverversion is 19.0.3

In the App it shows 1193 files to sync.

But the Syncing is not starting.

I have activated automatic upload of pictures and videos, automatic upload in background, complete camera stock upload.

What is wrong.

Can i manually start the syncing?

Same issue here.
I’m running NC 20.0.2snap2 on Ubuntu server 20.04 and iOS application
Activating auto-upload on my iphone didn’t work. Upload is waiting and never start.
On another iphone worked but then it’s not prompting to remove the pictures from camera roll.

“Remove from Camera Roll” does not seem to be working for me either. It doesn’t remove and it doesn’t delete from the iphone.

Nextcloud 20.0.7
Iphone iOS 14.4.1