Photos section: order by EXIF date?


when I swicht to the Photos view in the iOS client, I am getting photos ordered by date. This is great, but it seems to somewhat place older photos on recent dates. How does the iOS client calculates/processes the photos? Is the EXIF date considered at all? If I import older photos from some other place, then it would be nice, if the iOS app would sort older photos into teh right spots in time.

+1! Would love to order photos in Photo view by EXIF. Is it built in the app? If so, how do I set it? If not, can this feature be built in?

Thnx, Dela

+1 from me, too!
Unfortunately, as of July 2018, the problem still exists.

As far as I can say, the app uses the date/time at which the imagefile was written, not the time at which the photo was taken.
When you pull your pictures straight out of the camera, the two are more or less identical. But when you, for example, store and process your images in Adobe Lightroom or such like and export the finished images later on to your harddrive, the two dates are completely different.
While sorting by creation date may have its uses, sorting by taken date would most likely be much more useful for most people…
Any chance we might see this feature?