Photos on Android App


I am pretty happy with NextCloud…except for the photo handling. The web interface is slowish, but workable, but the android app is absolutely unworkable. It is first “Loading” for a very long time, then it starts actually showing photos…but not all. It skips quite a lot of them. Then, when I want to look at one photo, it is again waiting very long: Loading. I also tried the new Cloud Galary, but hat is in a Alpha state.

Is this known?

I am running Nextcloud 13.0.1 on R{I3 (DietPi) and Nextcloud android app v3.0.3.

The initial “Loading” is still long with NC 16 and Android app 3.7.x. I will report if it shows all the photos, once it “loads” :slight_smile:

3.8.0 has a new block-fetching logic for the photos view (via the main menu)

Yes, 3.8.0 is finally showing photos for me! Thanks.

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