Photos metadata upload

Hi, I have a collection of family photos, all with metadata descriptions and tags. I was adding these descriptions consequently for years. Now, I want to install Nextcloud plugin on my home TrueNAS , and I was thinking on using photos Nextcloud app for all my photos. It could work as home photo server for every family member. Unfortunately I do not see the possibility of importing metadata from images (keyword/tags) and use them as tags (and see descriptions/comments from metadata). Is there any option for it?

Propably the Metadata app would be helpful?

Hi, this app is useful, but it can’t import keywords/tags from metadata to photos app. I am looking for a functionality similar to that which you can find for instance in gthumb (and many others as well). You can make “virtual” order for your collection based on its metadata.

I’m pretty sure it doens’t exist for Nextcloud. That’s why I use Piwigo, on the same server.

Well, it looks like yostral is saying. So no nextcloud for this task. Thank you anyway.

are there any news, about handling or editing tags/metadata in the current Photo app?