Photos - how to pre-generate previews | missing photos edit functionality

is there a way to pre-generate photos previews? In case there is ~2000 photos in folder it took ages to preview photos and one has to wait … its very bad user experience…
Is it generating some preview/cache files? seems to me its trying to create those previews all the time on the fly?

also i still cant edit images in photos section ie rotate/ crop?

running the latest nextcloud 24.0.4.


so you might came up with that thread iPhone Photo Upload, no Previews in nextcloud Webinterface

or many many others.

btw: nobody knows anything about your instance. If you wanna have a fair chance of getting help, you better provide as much information as you possibly can. FOR EVERY THREAD YOU START!

You can use the app Preview Generator (video).
Read also this.

@devnull thanks
i assume its different than

in that case its better to go with only one of these solutions? the question would be which one?


I think (hope) that are not really different solutions. If you not deactivate thumbnails/previews they are needed. In the documentation you can read how to configure it. With the app you can manually once or e.g. with cron at any time create missing thumbnails/previews.

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