Photos - Can I exclude folders?


In the Files section of Nextcloud, I’ve added some photos in the photos’ folder. But I’ve also added a bunch of data in the Documents’ folder that has random photos in it. I’d rather not have those irrelevant photos from the documents folder so up when clicking photos.

I found something that references, “.nomedia / .noimage” but the post was unclear on what to actually do? If this is correct, do I place a text file or something with those names in the Documents folder?

this should avoid said folders to be crawled and thus listed within photos.

afaik just open a new file and name it either .nomedia or .noimage and save it to the root of that folder.

it’s possible that you’d need to rescan your library after that so that changes might take effect (forum and manual both do know how to rescan correctly)

Thank you. I’ll try this. I’m in the middle to rebuilding my server, so I can’t try it yet.