Photos app > Photos shows video files


I’m having issues with the Photos app in the web ui showing video files along with photo files under Your photos. The Your videos section only shows videos, which works as expected though. I’d like to keep the Photos section like this as well.

The Android app appears to work fine (only has the Photo option and only displays photos), so I believe this is an issue with the Photos app itself.

I’m running:
Nextcloud 20.0.6, ArchLinux rpi4 backed with NFS storage. Photos is version 1.2.3.

Anyone else having this issue?

UPDATE: Put in an issue: Videos showing up in My Photos · Issue #648 · nextcloud/photos · GitHub

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Oh yeah, I am having the same issue. I am running Nextcloud with my Ras Pi 4. got php 8.0. and Nextcloud 23.0.3

Same problem, use nextcloud snap 24.03.