Photo uploaded file count doesn't match gui file count

I up loaded 15143 photos and videos with multiple file types. the nextcloud server reports only 15122. the only correlation I can find is that there are 21 .3gp files on the server. but when I go to the photo gallery I can see and play them.

Nextcloud is only aware of a file, if a record for it has been created in the database. Records are normally created if the files have been uploaded using a Nextcloud mechanism or if files, which have been copied on the file system, are added done by running e.g. the “occ files:scan” command.

If you’re able to identify the sub directory where the discrepancy happens, it might be possible to investigate further.

Perfect… The files:scan solved the problem. But when i uploaded the files… i did use the macOS client and copied them to the Photos folder. Does that constitute copying them to the file system?

If you’re using the Nectloud client I would assume that file records are created in database, but if you e.g. copy files to a directory on the underlying file system, where Nextcloud is not involved in the first instance, the database isn’t automatically updated.

Files were copied into the photos folder on the Mac. The nextcloud client synced them to the nextcloud server.

In this case I would usually expect to get database records created.