PhoneTrack on Target-Mobile

Hi, sorry for my bad english.

I am new with nextcloud.
I use it on the webhoster with pakage “Privat”.
At the moment i only want to use it for live-tracking:
I do offroad-tours and want, that an other person can track me live on his mobile while i am on tour. And i want to do this with privacy.
So i discovered nextcloud and the app: PhoneTrack.
With this app on my mobile and on nextcloud, i can upload live-tracking-data to nextcloud an see directly in the nextcloud-app on a openstreetview-map where i am.
Thats good, but i want, that the other person can see this on his mobile!
So, how is it possible, that i sent the data from nextcloud to his mobile and what app he has to use?
Thank you!

With PhoneTrack as well.
You can share with the other person the session where your are recording/live-streaming your track. On the PhoneTrack App, in the menu, your friend has to click on the “Map” section. He will have to choose the good session and then will be able to see where you are.

The only thing is that he will only see your current location, not the history, so no drawn track, just the point where you are.

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Ok, thank you! I will try this.