Phonesync-app / ocsms: no sync, then no connection http 405

i’ve been using the sms/phonesync-app ( with the android-app for some time now and just noticed it’s been having sync-problems for some time now - i do not use sms much so i cannot tell when it started exactly (after last update from fdroid?)
it does not upload the sms to the server anymore; i’ve had some nasty, fruitless trouble trying to extract some sms’ which should have been backed up to nextcloud from android’s mmssms.db-sqlite-db.

i tried to solve this by uninstalling and re-installing both the server and the client apps (since android is the evil reincarnation of windoze98 this often helps) but now not only syncing is impossible, but in android i cannot add an account (which existed before; accounts were deleted on uninstalling the app) with the error-message “Server not resonding.”

at the same time nextcloud is running fine and the apachelog tells me:
"POST /index.php/apps/ocsms/get/apiversion?format=json HTTP/1.1" 405 5412 "-" "nextcloud-phonesync (1.3.0)"
http 405 means method not allowed - this error occurs when trying to sync and when trying to add an account in the app.
nextcloud.log shows these errors (i deleted usernames, IPs etc. from them):
"app":"PHP","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php\/apps\/ocsms\/push?format=json","message":"Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at \/var\/www\/nc\/apps\/ocsms\/db\/smsmapper.php#264","userAgent":"nextcloud-phonesync (1.3.0)","version":""} "app":"PHP","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php\/apps\/ocsms\/push?format=json","message":"Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at \/var\/www\/nc\/apps\/ocsms\/controller\/apicontroller.php#112","userAgent":"nextcloud-phonesync (1.3.0)","version":""} "app":"PHP","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php\/apps\/ocsms\/push?format=json","message":"Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at \/var\/www\/nc\/apps\/ocsms\/db\/smsmapper.php#264","userAgent":"nextcloud-phonesync (1.3.0)","version":""} "app":"PHP","method":"POST","url":"\/index.php\/apps\/ocsms\/push?format=json","message":"Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at \/var\/www\/nc\/apps\/ocsms\/controller\/apicontroller.php#112","userAgent":"nextcloud-phonesync (1.3.0)","version":""}

when i use the app in nextcloud’s webif i can still see the old sms’ which were uploaded some time ago.

both phones tested are rooted lineages (14.1-…NIGTHLY) with android 7.1.2; nextcloud is stable on debian 9.2 (and runs very smoothly).

do you have any ideas on this?
(i would like to avoid creating a github-acount for this;
THX for your input.

I have same problem with android app version 1.3.1, NextCloud version 12.0.3 and Phone Sync app version 1.12.1.

For now, I downgrade android app to 1.2.5 through F-Droid and this fix a problem and allow me to login and sync data.

just yesterday i updated both server- and client to the latest versions and it works again. i haven’t tested extensively but so far it looks good.