Phone Track Start Log Job Remotely

Hi I was just wondering if there is any way to start a log job remotely or if u can only do it from the android app

Hi, For the moment, no, there is no way to remotely start a log job. It’s in my todo list.

Ok, thanks for ur time

Hi @eneiluj!

I’m very interested in this feature too! I’d like to use phonetrack sometimes to see, if I have lost it, left in at my working place, or someone has stolen it and so on. It would be a nice feature. I suceeded to send a sms with text “phonetrack” and got the answer, that gps wasn’t activated. I don’t want to have my gps/location always activated to not feed google all of the time. So is there a possibility to activate GPS/location in android via phonetrack?

I saw, the app on fdroid “find my device” has very nice features to, like sending sms to let the phone ring, or, if gps in deactivated, like described before, it send information where the cell phone is logged in. But the problem is, i just one one phone. So it would be perfect to have this possiblities but activate them not via sms but via nextcloud/internet connection. I suppose this is not quite easy, but I’m not an expert and perhaps it’s possible to implement code from the app “fmd” easy and adapt it for nextcloud… I’d love it if it would be possible! Thank you very much for all your work!!!

fmd has now a possibility to active gps via sms. It’s necessary to activate it via pc (adb). Unfortunatly, it’s not working because on my phone, fmd is now crashing (after updating and activating this option), but perhaps it helps to find a solution (to activate it via nextcloud…).
Thank you in advance @eneiluj